Nutrient synergy

Cell Fusion Activator: included this unique synergistic blend of ingredients these activators assist in filling your muscles with vital fluids and nutrients necessary for hypertrophy. Everyone knows that good old creatine is one of the most proven supplements in terms of adding strength and size add in the well documented effects of l-arginine and l-glutamine on naturally raised growth hormone levels, improved protein bio-availability from optimised absorption of 2:1:1 balanced BCAA and co-factored B6. Potentially improved protein synthesis in the presence of synergistically balanced methoxyflavone and betaecdysterone in the presence of lean carbiliser carrier and you have highly active anabolic matrix.

That’s why this unique formula with its Nitric Oxide (NO2) enhancer is highly active. This is due to additional ingredients that multiply the Nitric Oxide hemodialation process.

Combine this with Whole Egg protein for the essential hormone production from “good” cholesterol. (Note: claims that certain products reproduce the amino ratio of human mother’s milk was first proposed by the revolutionary chemist Rheo Blair in 1965 and has been attempted to be imitated (unsuccessfully) ever since) It was the egg yolk in the original Rheo Blair protein that caused the great gains in those who used it as this is as innately close to human profile as it gets, combine this with the possible other benefits of follistatin and you can see the potential for growth.

Then the lean carbliser has been included to deliver a steady nutrient shuttle for sustained deliver of this highly bio-active protein and all the additional growth factors for muscles where it’s needed.

Cell Fusion Activator 5000mg: Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Gluconate, Creatine Ethylester + Arginine and AKG, L-glutamine peptides creating full cell saturation and synthesis with maximized absorption.

Anabolic Matrix 300mg optimally balanced: 5 METHYL-7 METHOXY-ISOFLAVONE/ 20-HYDROXYECDYSONE (beta ecdysterone) optimized muscle fibre hypertrophy.

Anabolic Catalyst / lean carbaliser: Lean source carbohydrate complex & pre & pro biotics. Creating pure lean mass gains through anabolic shuttle mechanism.

5g of Glutamine per serving.

5g of BCAA 2:1:1 per serving + B6 for amino assimilation.

Arginine and Glutamine

As far as supplementation before exercise is concerned, it has been shown that ingestion of 1.5g of arginine will increase human growth hormone (hGH) secretion by blocking release of the hGH-inhibitor somatostatin, although some studies have suggested this causes gastric disturbance. However, 2g of glutamine will lead to elevation of human growth hormone (hGH) 90 minutes later without side effects. It may also be a good idea to ingest some amino acids after exercise, as this has been shown to enhance human growth hormone (hGH) secretion too.


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