A protein revelation!

Why egg protein?

Egg protein has always been the gold standard by which all other proteins are measured. Egg protein has a PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) score of number 1 - the highest value possible - it has a Bv (biological value) of 100 and a highly balanced amino acid profile. Meaning your body can not find a protein source with a better conversion rate to muscle!

Anabolic Egg Matrix brings together the latest research into the properties of the humble egg as the ultimate protein source synergistically balanced with specific anabolic agents and co-factors, supported by the latest scientific research, for an enhanced anabolic response.

Eggs contain many highly anabolic substrates. There is much research at present into the concentrations of follistatin with in fertile egg yolk, Follistatin is a natural antagonist (blocker) of myostatin which inhibits muscle growth. The presence of predominantly good fats in whole egg are essential for hormonal production and particularly in relation to muscle growth in the presence of anabolic factors.